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Hospital Management and Information System - HMIS

Hospital Management and Information System - HMIS, Collection, compilation, analysis and interpretation of data for effective use as information which helps in better planning, monitoring and control of medical and health services which also helps in improving of the efficiency and Performance of health delivery system.

Modules We Are Providing
Our entire project is the integrated system of different modules, based on different tools and techniques. The project is designed in such a way that these modules can be added phase by phase and also has space for further development.
We provide Wintel Serve Dr.HoMS for HMIS

Wintel Serve Doctor HoMS
We provide following modules under Wintel Serve Doctor HoMS:
  • Call Centre
  • Patient Appointment
  • Customer Care/Information Desk
  • Health Membership
  • Out Patient Registration
  • Follow-Up Patient Registration
  • Emergency Patient Registration System
  • Nurse Triage
  • Out Patient Clinical Information System
  • Patient Billing System
  • Patient Admission & Bed Management System
  • Nursing Station
  • Operation Theater
  • Patient Nutrition
  • Inpatient Medical Information System
  • Patient Discharge & Billing System
  • Patient Medical Record & Statistics System
  • Vaccine Schedule Information System
  • Insurance Tracking System



Laboratory Information System - LIS

Laboratory Information System - LIS, A software system that records, manages, and stores data for hospital laboratories. A LIS has been most adept at sending laboratory test orders to lab instruments, tracking those orders, and then recording the results, to a searchable database.

Modules We Are Providing
Wintel Serve Doctor HoMS
We provide following modules under Wntel Serve Doctor HoMS for LIS:
  • Investigation Sample Tracking System
  • Patient Investigation Reporting System

Clinical Record


Clinical Record Management

Clinical Record Management, defines the storage recommendations which will ensure that records are maintained, managed and controlled effectively in accordance with the needs of the pre-hospital emergency care practitioner and services in terms of legal, operational and informational needs.

This module handles following functions:
  • Files issued to admitted patients.
  • Files collected from discharged patients.
  • Files issued to doctors / students / staffs.
  • Files collected from doctors / students / staffs.
  • Files position tracking.
  • Files movement tracking.



Pharmacy Management and Information System - PMIS

Pharmacy Management and Information System - PMIS, A system which tracks the medicine records to all the patients, In-Patients and Out-Patients recording the actual sales, profit, loss, store management and more. To control loss and damage, there should multi-level pharmacy store in a hospital. Main Pharmacy should purchase from party and issue to billing stores. Billing stores should sale to customers and issue to wards. This system handles multi-store/counter pharmacy.

This module handles following functions:
  • Category, Brand and Item wise Sales Analysis.
  • Counter wise cash and credit sales
  • User wise cash collection.
  • Store wise stock analysis.
  • Expiry and Damage analysis.
  • Category, Brand and Item wise profit analysis.
  • Supplier wise profit analysis.
  • Supplier payment analysis.



Student Management Information System - SMIS

Student Management Information System – Wintel Serve SMIS is a complete system that manages the data of students and their financial and academic activities to run your educational institution effectively. It is a Desktop application with RDMS ( Relational Database Management System) that store and manages data locally within school premises. For day to day operation, users can easily capture information and quickly generate reports within the school premises without internet access on a single click. This application is designed to meet your objectives like a highly trustworthy finance department and an active administration



College Management Information System - CMIS

College Management Information system - Wintel Serve CMIS, is a complete system that manages the data of college students and their financial and academic activities to run your institution effectively.

College Management Information System- Wintel Serve CMIS will have following modules:
Student Profile
  • Student Details
  • Student Address
  • Academic History
  • Parent & Guardian's Details
  • Further Education
  • Employment
Academic Records
  • Attendance Capture
  • Mark Capture
  • Mark Verification
  • Remarks Entry
  • Mark Derivation
  • Mark Ledger
  • Mark Sheet
Student Account
  • Student Account Setup
  • Bill Generation
  • Bill Payment
  • Student Transaction
  • Due Bills
  • Reminder Bills
  • Daily Collection
  • Miscellaneous Transaction
  • Income Details
  • Day Book
  • Monthly Due Report
  • Scholarship & Discount Report



School Communication Information System - SCIS

School Communication Information System – Wintel Serve SCIS is a platform where important information can be transfer among stakeholders ( School Management, Teachers, Students and Parents) through Internet or SMS service. This information is captured in Wintel Serve Student Management Information System can be accurately transferred to concerned stakeholders of the school by using Web application and Mobile application. Using this system the stakeholders can communicate between them through Internet and SMS. It also has Online Communication Scheduling System, which manages time for LIVE communication between the parents and corresponding teachers. Once the appointment is confirmed, parents and teachers can communicate ONLINE through Viber or Skype. This application is designed with an aim to meet your communication objectives by providing an effective communications.



Library Management System - LMS

Library Management System - LMS, is an enterprise resource planning system for a library, used to track items owned, orders made, bills paid, and patrons who have borrowed.

Wintel Serve Library (Library Management Information System) will have following features:
Member Information
Member ID Card Generation
  • With Photographs
  • With Barcode
Catalogue Details
  • Books
  • Journal
  • Video
  • Audio
Order Placement
Stock Management
Catalogue Search
Catalogue Issue/Return
Catalogue Reservations
Late Fee
Library Flow Analyzer



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